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Perth Podiatrist FAQ: Treatment for Foot Warts or Plantar Verrucae

Perth Podiatrist FAQ: Treatment for Foot Warts or Plantar Verrucae

January 25, 2018

Condition Focus: Foot Warts (Plantar Verruca)

As a Perth Podiatrist, it’s common for people with foot warts to present to my clinic seeking a permanent solution to their painful problem. Their wart or warts may be located towards the front or rear of the foot. They may have one or many. But the one thing they all complain of is foot pain caused by their foot wart. They just don’t know why – first things first:

Welcome to this months condition in focus on our Perth Podiatrist blog. This month we’ll be discussing Foot Warts.

Don’t worry foot wart pain can be quickly and effectively treated by our Perth Podiatrists at Foot & Leg Podiatry. We are conveniently located in Perth with a clinic in Bassendean and another in Warwick. If you’re worried you may be suffering from foot warts, professional advice should be sought to diagnose their presence. An appointment at our podiatry clinic is only a phone call or web enquiry away with no referral required, making it easier then ever to find a solution to your warty problem.

Disclaimer: This is simply a general discussion regarding foot warts by our Perth podiatrist, any advice & information is general in nature and not to be taken over the advice of a qualified medical professional or Perth podiatrist who is aware of your specific condition details. I hope this blog pinpoints your interest on the topic – pun intended, so without further delay let’s find out more about Foot Warts (Plantar Verrucae)!

What is a Foot Wart (Plantar Verruca)?

A foot wart is simply a wart virus of the herpes family that has found it’s home inside your skin. It may have entered through a small cut on your feet, and can grow to be quite large or spread to multiple locations throughout your foot.

Should I pick at my wart?

No. 110%. N.O.

If you pick at your wart you could actually help the virus spread to your hands or other areas of your foot as the blood/skin cells containing the virus newly exposed by your picking, enter through small cuts on your hands or feet.

What Can I do to Treat my Foot Wart?

There are many ways to treat foot warts, but the treatment I offer as a Perth Podiatrist is cryotherapy or in plain language – freezing off your wart. A single session is typically required where the wart is literally frozen in it’s entirety and then the normal healing process takes place.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is simply freezing something for a therapeutic effect. Our Perth Podiatrists are trained to handle medical grade cold temperature liquid nitrogen. We can then apply the liquid nitrogen to the wart for as long as it takes to successfully treat the infected tissue. The infected skin will then fall off after a number of days and healthy skin will take its place.

I Have Multiple Warts – Can You Still Help?

Yes, treating multiple warts is just as simple as treating one. Instead of one cryotherapy treatment site, you simply have multiple.

Can You Treat My Painful Warts in Perth?

Yes. Our Perth Podiatrist services the whole of the northern suburbs. Most of our patients visit our Bassendean Podiatry Clinic or Warwick Podiatry Clinic. Pick the Perth Podiatry clinic that suits you best and schedule an appointment to properly assess, examine and discuss your wart treatment options today. Call us or Book Online.

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