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How to Choose a Podiatrist
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How to Choose a Podiatrist

May 08, 2019

Choosing Your Podiatrist in Perth


Your feet govern how the rest of your skeletal structure works, so if your feet are misaligned for instance, or injured, it carries through to your knees, thighs, hips and entire spine. So, if you have problems with your feet and legs, it’s essential that you choose the right podiatrist or foot doctor for your condition to ensure you receive proper, effective treatment. You’d think the process of finding the right podiatrist in Perth that suits you and your condition would be as easy as Googling one near you, but it can be tricky. It’s not advisable to choose the first one you find or one that happens to have a practice around the corner. There are questions such as the following that you should ask before you choose:

Tell Me About Your Medical Training and Background

This is the first question you should ask any podiatrist before you make an appointment for treatment. Ask where they were trained, and where they were educated because you want a fully qualified podiatrist working on your precious feet. If you know they are qualified and adequately trained, then you can rest assured that they know what they’re about and that you will get the treatment you need. But there are more questions:

You’ve Specialised in Podiatry, Why?

A passion for helping people get back on their feet should be one of the main reasons a person chooses a career in podiatry. Your podiatrist ought to be able to express this passion and care about their job if you ask them off the bat. Are you registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia?

Is There an Area of Podiatry in Which You Specialise?

There are podiatrists whose specialty lies in treating sports injuries, some work with children’s foot problems, and some do podiatry primary care or orthopaedics, so you need one who works on your particular condition.

What About Your Professional Development?

Most members of the medical fraternity undergo continuing personal development training and podiatrists are no exception. Their development could entail attending conferences and lectures, publishing articles in medical journals or reputable podiatry magazines, a refresher course or elective training. As a matter of fact, the Podiatry Board requires all of their registered members to have at least 20 hours of professional development training every year, and podiatric surgeons must do a minimum of 40 hours of professional development annually.

Are You Very Busy?

While you don’t want to see a podiatrist in Perth who has very few patients (one has to ask why nobody goes there) you also don’t want to have to wait months and months to get an appointment. A good podiatrist will work out a treatment plan customised especially for you and your condition and where you can consult them regularly. You should be able to book the sessions in advance but have them flexible, so they fit in with the progress or changes in your foot or leg condition.

What Techniques Do You Use?

Your podiatrist should see you as a whole person, not just a foot or leg problem. And he or she should have a few podiatry tricks up their sleeve because the more techniques they have at their disposal, the better chance they have of making your foot or leg better. No two podiatrists are the same, and no two patients respond the same way to the same treatment. Your podiatrist of choice ought to have at least two ways of dealing with your problem.


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