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Ingrown Toenail Removal Perth

Ingrown Toenail Removal in Perth by Foot & Leg Podiatry

Nails form an important finish to your toes that allow your digits to hold their unique shape. They also protect your toes from damage and are useful for grip, however their shape can sometimes change over time or in response to injury and become ingrown. If the nail pushes on the surrounding skin it blocks blood supply to the skin – killing the skin and allowing bacteria to feast on the nutrient rich material, soon becoming infected and VERY painful. If left untreated you can lose your whole toe so removing the ingrown toenail quickly and permanently may be your best option. 

Tight-fitting shoes, restrictive socks, poor grooming habits and high impact sports are often causes of an ingrown toenail aside from genetics (blame your parents). Foot & Leg Podiatry offer nail surgery for painfull ingrown toenails. 

If you’ve had multiple ingrown toenails throughout your life it may be worth discussing a permanent ingrown toenail solution. At Foot & Leg Podiatry we provide ingrown toenail removal Perth wide. We believe it is the most effective treatment for ingrown toenails.

A Fast and Effective Treatment for Ingrown Toenails.

At Foot & Leg Podiatry, we offer permanent and non-permanent ingrown toenail removal in Perth. These methods are an efficient way to treat your ingrown toenail — and have you back on your feet immediately.

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Ingrown toenail removal involves numbing the area with a fast-acting local anaesthetic; that specifically targets nerves to block pain signals during the procedure ensuring a painless removal. The full nail or part of a nail can be removed – allowing for a beautiful cosmetic finish. Then a neutralising solution is applied to permanently neutralise the nail matrix; stopping your nail forming cells from growing back. Once the procedure is complete your toe is dressed and nature takes over to heal the toe. Now free from the offending nail and pain.

Although ingrown toenail removal is primarily for ingrown toenails, it may also treat associated nail conditions such as previously unsuccessful toenail removal, infected toenails requiring surgical debridement, thick fungal nails or mis-shaped problem nails. Preventing the nail from growing, cleaning infected tissue and stopping the issue for good.

Our Approach to Ingrown Toenail Removal

One of our podiatrists will first take a full history of your problem and ask you various health-related questions. We may also examine the areas of the nail, check the toenail shape and degree of surrounding infection and ask about any possible allergies. Including pain relievers such as local aesthetic and any tapes. This way, we will know the best way to approach the toenail removal. As well as the best treatment option for your symptoms.

If you feel pain, stiffness or reduced balance of the foot, ingrown toenail removal from Foot & Leg Podiatry could be right for you. Same day toenail removal is available with prior arrangement. Contact us today for an initial consultation – Click to Book an appointment.

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