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Finding the Best Perth Foot Clinic: Foot & Leg Podiatry

What is a Foot Doctor?

The term Doctor actually originates from the latin verb to teach – we discuss this in our FAQ page here. It’s use is unregulated within the medical field so when looking for a foot doctor in Perth and Australia, it’s important to remember this.

What should I look for in a Foot Clinic located in Perth?

If your looking for a Perth foot clinic the first thing you need to do is think about your problem.

Are you suffering from a Biomechanical Foot Problem?

Some foot clinics have podiatrists who have completed extra training by world renowned experts in fields such as Foot Mobilisation Therapy, Sports Podiatry & Custom Orthotics. These podiatrists may prefer to deal with underlying biomechanical issues. These issues are typically more complicated to un-bundle then simply constantly cutting away a re-occurring problem. This type of foot clinic Perth would be perfect if you’re someone who has heel pain (plantar fasciitis), arch pain, shin splints or even knee, hip and lower back pain. These foot clinics are most definitely worth consulting before considering surgery or a cortisone injection. Luckily Foot & Leg Podiatry has the Perth podiatrists for you – book an appointment online today.

Are you suffering from an Ingrowing Toenail needing Removal in Perth?

Some may love to complete Ingrowing Toenail Removal procedures because they appreciate the instant pain relief to be had and intricate anatomical beauty beneath the skin. These conditions typically occur in children and teenagers. It’s important to find a practitioner who is easily approachable and who can simplify complex topics so younger minds don’t feel apprehensive. A Perth kids podiatrist is especially helpful to consult in these matters. Our Bassendean & Warwick podiatrists offer Ingrowing toenail removal that you can book an appointment for today online.

Are you considering Bunion surgery by a Perth Foot Specialist?

Understand the difference between an Orthopaedic surgeon and a Podiatric Surgeon by reading our FAQ. Learn more about Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery on our Bunion Surgery Page. Non-operative treatments are available.  The best Perth foot doctor and the best Perth Podiatrist will always ensure you have exhausted these options before committing you to bunion surgery. Why the best Foot & Leg Podiatry recommend this is because they understand the risks and complications that can occur post-op with bunion surgery. Always talk to your Perth Surgeon or Perth Podiatrist to understand these risks.

Are you considering a Cortisone injection for Plantar Fasciitis in Perth?

Do yourself a favour and book an appointment with one of the team at Foot & Leg Podiatry. Our Perth Podiatry team can discuss the pros and cons of cortisone injection treatment with you so you make an informed decision. Our podiatrists will take the time to expertly examine your foot and leg conditions. Perform further investigations to uncover underlying structural foot faults that could be causing your pain. Living with foot pain is never an option but masking foot pain with a cortisone injection can often cause a greater problem in the long-term. A stressed tissue structure will not magically heal with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to dull the pain. Book an appointment today to discuss your options with a Perth Podiatrist at one of our Perth Foot Clinics today.

Looking for a Foot Clinic in Perth for your Foot Problem?

Always visit at least three medical practitioners when considering bunion surgery. A Perth Podiatrist, and two Perth foot specialists – One orthopaedic surgeon and one podiatric surgeon. The more opinions you can get the better your outcome will likely be. Our Perth foot clinics are conveniently located so it’s easy to visit one of our Foot & Leg Podiatry clinics. Book an appointment online today or simply give us a call.

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