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The proper alignment of your feet and legs is vital in maintaining the balance of your entire body. It can influence your entire skeletal and neuromuscular system, and mean the difference between pain and comfort. At Foot & Leg Podiatry, we offer foot orthotics Perth wide. Schedule an appointment today.

At Foot & Leg Podiatry, we offer orthotics in Perth for patients suffering from pain and other related problems in the legs and feet. This treatment repositions the foot structure to achieve optimum neuromuscular and skeletal balance, which then reduces the stress on your leg and foot joints.

As far as specific conditions are concerned, the treatment is very effective for Achilles and heel pain, flat feet, chronic knee pain, and lower back pain. It can also make walking and standing much easier.

Guidance from People Knowledgeable on Orthotic Treatment

In some cases, we prescribe functional devices, called orthoses, which apply pressure to the feet and unload the stress within tissues. These are specifically designed to support the feet and ensure the normal biomechanics of the lower limb when walking, running or playing sport.

We can also recommend exercises to follow to get long-lasting relief from your leg or foot pain.

Who Benefits from the Treatment

Orthotic treatment is especially helpful to everyone from young professionals and elite athletes to seniors. Athletes in particular benefit from the treatment, as they are at most risk for foot and leg injuries. Including pronation or supination (in-rolling or out-rolling of the feet). Orthotic therapy corrects the misalignment, preventing problems like shin, heel, knee and hip pain.

Individuals with occupations that require standing on hard surfaces can also benefit from orthotic therapy.

As with all medical conditions, it is best to start treatment early. At Foot & Leg Podiatry, we believe we provide the highest quality orthotics Perth has to offer. If you have serious pain or discomfort in your foot, knee, ankle or shin, schedule an appointment with us to determine the correct treatment for you.

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